time. (#RainbowJam16)

Controls: Arrow Keys

Objective: Navigate the pink and yellow boxes to touch

In reality, the journey to finding our individual identities can take time and effort, but we may feel pressured to quickly conform and find labels for ourselves.

I chose to make the controls awkward to symbolise the difficulty and awkwardness that can be experienced when we are trying to work out different aspects of our individual identities.

This game was made as a submission for Rainbow Jam '16

Made withConstruct
Tagsidentity, rainbowjam16, Retro
Average sessionA few seconds


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i only fot 990, dat unpredictable move tho, it's awesome xD


Got 2910 for the highest.

The gameplay control feels like a relationship, often unpredictable to meet each other.

Thank you for playing! :D

You're welcome! :